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The Universal Life Church of Metaphysics was founded on 8/8/08 in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Meetings held in 2009 were on the third Thursday of every month, at Awakenings Center for Conscious Living in Laguna Hills, CA. at 7:30 p.m. Ordained Minister Kathleen Shannon taught metaphysics, karma, reincarnation and self-hypnosis. She led everyone in guided meditation up to “higher self” where each person greeted their own spirit guides and guardian angels that live on the other side of the veil. The guides then took participants back to their childhood, into a past life then into the future of this life. She also had guest speaker Reverend Joe Kingman lead two of the meetings. Kathleen is still in active private practice as a metaphysical counselor and a hypnotherapist ( and a wedding officiant ( She also gives “Past-life Parties” in group hypnosis ( She is available for public speaking engagements.

The Reverend Shannon says: “I really enjoyed the church, there was a lot of interest for it and people really interacted at the meetings. We had very good attendance and some generous donations. Thanks to everyone who came and I hope you collected some great past-life, childhood and future impressions, met your spirit guides and made some new friends.”

The church is temporarily on hold for now while she finds another minister would like to step in and give the sermons, write the sermons, advertise, set up and break down the meetings, run the website, do the bookwork, rent the meeting room and pay upfront for everything. The church will definitely need more manpower and funds to continue, as it is a tremendous amount of work and about $200/mo. to fund it, if all the labor is voluntary. She is also asking if anyone could volunteer to be the secretary and someone else volunteer to be a treasurer. The three working together make a legal church, and it is then documented, dated and signed. Please write

Contact Reverend Kathleen for more information: (949) 422-4092.


For more info on Kathleen’s wedding officiant services and Kathleen’s official wedding website, go to

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The original Universal Life Church of Metaphysics in San Juan Capistrano, CA., built by The Reverend Kathleen Shannon and Gilles and Sean Durand in 1998.

“Life Between Lives” Seminar with author Dick Sutphen and The Reverend Kathleen Shannon at the original San Juan Capistrano location of the Universal Life Church of Metaphysics.

Seminar “Back To Atlantis” with The Reverend Kathleen Shannon co-teaching with author Dick Sutphen and at the original San Juan Capistrano location of the Universal Life Church of Metaphysics.