Future Foretelling


Future Progression Foretelling is a process where hypnotherapist Kathleen Shannon takes you forward into the future through your own time tunnel after being hypnotized up into sacred trance. It is a procedure that is very similar to Past Life Regression, only you are moving in the opposite direction. In this way you are creating legitimate access to foreseeing and also creating your own future.  The advantage to this process over a psychic reading is that you are cutting out the middle man. When you get a psychic reading, there is always a doubt that they were making things up, or just giving their own opinion and advise, and not psychically seeing your future at all, or even talking with their spirit guides. Better to trust your own higher self or oversoul.

Ms. Shannon moves you into the future where you meet the best possible you. She has you hook into the vibration from the future you personality, and bring that future vibration back into your present life. This creates a thread or a string from here to there for you to follow like a glowing path into your brightest future.

Before it was even called hypnosis and the process was first being developed in France, Dr. Mesmer himself wrote that deeply “mesmerized” (hypnotized) subjects can sometimes distinctly see the past and the future.

All subjective perception actually feels like you are making it up, especially at first, but you are making up real things. This is because you have switched off your ego, your conscious mind, and have accessed your subconscious mind where all of your memories and experiences are stored. Your future is also stored there because time is an illusion. A psychic is also trying to access these same future possibilities for you, but you are gambling on the fact that they may be better than they really are. They may be really good at telepathy, but not at clairvoyance or precognition. And they may not really give themselves enough time to go into trance and shut off their ego while you are sitting across from them or if you call them on the telephone.

You can get a lot more information from your own mind with the help of K. Shannon, CHt., who makes sure to put you deep into trance first and who is also trained to help you with clarity of intent about what you really want and then can give you new mind programming to accomplish those goals. Ms. Shannon uses her unique Ascension Hypnosis she developed, from divine inspiration, to count you up into trance to help you access the best possible future for yourself. These types of sessions are also very easy to do over the phone.

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