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“Private Counseling with Hypnotherapy for before and after Lasik Eye Surgery” by Kathleen Shannon, CHt.

So I did a lot of research. I also went to an ophthalmologist to find out if I had glaucoma because the optometrist at LensCrafters said I might have it, after they talked me into paying extra for a retinal photograph, where they dilate your eye. After the ophthalmologist’s checkup was negative on the glaucoma, the assistant told me if I took the evaluation for the laser surgery, my appointment would be free. After that I got a second opinion at a different Lasik eye surgery center, but that place was really fancy and wanted almost twice the money that the first place wanted. So I went back to the first place and I asked for extra time with the doctor on the telephone and also in person to answer all my questions. What was the final deciding factor were all the handwritten letters stuck on the wall praising the doctor’s work.  I had my operation in Sept. ’07 and I am still very very pleased. It is something that makes me feel young, as I had perfect vision until the age of 40. Now I have 20/20 vision again, when I wake up in the morning, to when I go to bed at night. I threw away all that paraphernalia I had to have as a blind woman.

Now that I have successfully had the Lasik surgery (my procedure is called mono-vision) I can help you with hypnosis to have a successful eye surgery also, regardless of which type of optic operation is performed. I got the idea by using Dick Sutphen’s pre-surgery and post-surgery hypnosis CDs for my Lasik eye surgery. These were just general suggestions and affirmations that would apply to any surgery, not just eye surgery, but I really do think they helped. But how much more helpful would it be to have a CD or hypnosis sessions geared specifically to the eye? For example: “Your eyes are healing, they are healed.”, “Visualize your eyes healthy and clear.”, “Your eyes are perfectly normal.”, “Your eyes feel fine.”, “The eye operation is a success.” “You feel young again because you can see without glasses.”

I offer my services as a Counselor to explain to you all the details that the laser centers just do not have time or staff for. They feel a bit like eye factories where they are processing people through at a fast rate. Your confidence in the doctors and the procedures is important to the success of their operations. There are certain parts of the eye surgery that you should know that are very unique and very vital to the success of the procedure. I will help you train for them with Hypnotherapy. In this way you will be relaxed and know that you have done everything in your power to insure that the operation will be a complete success. You are informed, trained, confident, and already visualizing success. You are not focused on the risks but on success.

FYI, here are some examples of what you should absolutely know before going in for Lasik surgery:

1) You must hold your head completely still for exactly one minute, as there is no head rest and no-one will be holding our head. You are completely conscious with your eyes open. It is important to hold your breath the entire minute. And remember to keep your eyeballs very still, especially! In private session or on the CD, we will be practicing this procedure several times so you know what to expect. You will learn to hold your breath for one minute.

2) There will be a red pinpoint of light that you are supposed to focus on during this one minute, and if the light moves, then you must refocus your eye on that new spot, but only if they tell you to.

3) You must listen very carefully to the doctor and his assistants in the room with you. They will be coaching you loudly during the operation. They are working as a team on you. Stay focused. It’s over pretty fast.

4) You absolutely want to ask any staff member any last minute questions before the procedure starts, so you will be very calm and confident going into the last room for the operation. Be sure to empty your bladder just before going there. Ask to do this.

5) Your eye will be pinned open by technology that does not hurt and some anesthetic will be applied on your eye. It looked like they were placing  short cylinders over my eye. The entire process did not hurt, and I have a very low pain tolerance. I was amazed I did not feel even a twinge of pain.

After the surgery under the laser machine, I was taken to a different bed where I was allowed to recover. Then the doctor did an extra procedure because I had told him I suffered from dry eye, he put plugs in both my tear duct drains so they wouldn’t dry out as fast, and that really did hurt in one of my eyes because I think it had always been a bit swollen. But it never hurt again after that, and they just dissolve away after a time.

Prices for private Hypnotherapy sessions of my Laser Eye Surgery Success are $65/hr which will include a full rehash of the different procedures the doctor recommended to you and what is the difference in all the machines they use. You ultimately decide which ones would be best for you.

For example, one type of procedure does not cut the flap of your eye and peel it back to work on the lens underneath. But this procedure actually takes longer to heal. My doctor told me he had every type of machine and was certified to use them all. I made him explain each one and I asked his opinion of each procedure and what results I could expect. Then I asked him to use his best judgement and choose the one which would be fastest to heal.

If you have more questions I will help you get the answers from your doctor to allow you absolute peace of mind. I always recommend a second or third opinion. Because these clinics are so competitive, they give you the tests and evaluations for free, so there is no cost to you besides time.

The usual number of hypnotherapy sessions would be 5, for a discount package cost of $230 that includes one introductory 45 min. session, then 2, 45 min. sessions to program you before surgery and 2, 45 min. sessions to follow up. This follow up is so I can program your eyes to heal faster, and there are some very specific instructions that are vital to the success of your healing eyes, that will be programmed with suggestions. Each of these sessions can take place over the phone, by webcam, or in person at my hypnotherapy clinic in Laguna Niguel.

Here are some samples of the After Surgery care I give you, post-op:

1) You must never, ever, rub your eyes in the first 2 months of healing, and ideally for one year. This is probably the most important thing and the hardest to remember. I will program your unconscious mind with your cooperation, to automatically remember this. Your unconscious mind is the part of you that remembers to breath and how to walk or ride a bike. This is done with Hypnosis and all hypnosis is self hypnosis.


2 ) You should not put on any makeup for one month, at least. This especially is true of mascara or eyeliner.

3) You need to constantly put eye drops for the first 4 months, and ideally for 1 year, to help them heal. The doctor will have his opinion on what are the best eye drops, but don’t let him sell you ones that are too expensive. ask him or her if there is a generic brand or another brand just as effective.

4 ) Vitamins and supplements definitely help, and your doctor should be able to recommend the right ones specific to your eye. If not, I can recommend you to my doctor who has his own line of reasonably priced eye vitamin products. Trader Joe’s also has a brand of eye vitamins, but take double doses as the lutein and bilberry are rather weak. Check with your Doctor.

5) You must not let any water get in your eyes for one month, even in the shower. There is a special way to wash your face, which I will teach you.

The clinic where I had my surgery done was in Costa Mesa, CA, and I am providing the phone number below. They also have an office in LA :

Doctors Marc and Michael Rose, 714-957-0273

Dr. Marc is also promoting an herbal cure for diabetes, which I highly recommend to anyone suffering from this dreadful disease, which often attacks the eyes. You can email him: Please tell the good Drs. Rose that I recommended them.

“Here I am with my new eyes that can see without glasses. The beautiful eyes at the top of the page are my son Sean’s. I am producing a Lasik Eye Surgery Success CD. Please email me for a copy.” K. Shannon, Cht.

Kathleen Shannon, CHt.  2/2/08

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What is Lasik eye surgery? It is a type of refractive laser surgery used to treat myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Now that the baby boomers are 50 and above, a large part of our population are wearing glasses. Add to that the many Asians expanding our communities here in California, we have a huge market for the amazing Lasik eye surgeries, which are cheaper than a boob job in Orange County. It’s a quick operation done in minutes that has one seeing normally in a week, so why aren’t more people doing It?

I think it must be fear . . . fear of the unknown and the thought of someone touching your eyes with a sharp instrument-ouch! I was considering Laser surgery myself, as I could only see the big E on the eye chart, if I didn’t have my contacts in. Glasses made me look and feel old. My husband tried to discourage my desire for Lasik surgery by having me go to really scary websites like: