Pain Control
Trance Touch Therapy for Pain Control

By Kathleen Shannon, CHt.

“Pain control was the first popular use of hypnosis in Europe as it was so effective, until the invention of aspirin, when hypnosis fell out of fashion in favor of a convenient pill. Some people have now developed allergic reactions and cannot use drugs. Other people want to quit their addiction to pain medications.  Maybe they don’t work well anymore, or they are too expensive, or they cause constipation and low energy. Truthfully, side effects are just effects. Hypnosis has come full circle, coming back into vogue for these reasons.

“Trance Touch Therapy is a pain relief modality developed by myself during times of need. Hands on healing has been around for centuries. Much energy emits from our hands and transfers to the client, healing while invoking a Higher Power. While some of us are naturally more adept at this, we all have the ability and with desire, can improve with practice. I am able to see the energy emitting out my fingertips with my physical eyes. This is a new talent since studying Reconnective Healing® with Dr. Eric Pearl. For more on Reconnective Healing®, go to my new website:

“Trance Touch is different than traditional massage because it is a gentle, light touch through the clothes, there is no trauma inflicted to the already hurting area and there is no need to undress. This is based on the belief that the patient can heal themselves if properly directed by the hypnotherapist. With their super conscious mind they will relieve the pain and also re-live the cause, if they want to explore that. Once they have discovered the true cause of their distress, the true origin, they can choose to forgive themselves and everyone else involved. When that is resolved they can move on to programming true health for their future. Even if the injury seems to stem from only something that only happened in this life, it often will occur in the same exact spot as some other injury in a past life. It will mirror this past life injury somehow.

“This is the Trance Touch Healing Therapy:

I bless the space and ask for healing and white light protection from my loving guides in the non-physical, and the love and protection from my client’s non-physical guides and masters as well. I ask for the Archangel Raphael's healing to bless us also. Archangel Raphael is surrounded by a green aura. He is known for healing physical illness and guiding healers, according to Doreen Virtue, in her book “Angel Medicine”.


“I had the pleasure of meeting Psychologist Doreen Virtue and having her sign my copy of “Angel Medicine” at Awakenings in Laguna Niguel. When the owner, Jesseca Comacho introduced her to the audience, she told us that Doreen started her metaphysical lecture career right there at Awakenings. Of course they carry all her books and greeting cards. It was truly an inspiration to me to know that, as Doreen is my inspiration as a wonderful healer, therapist and author. She usually has an article in Awakening’s bi-monthly magazine as well. She lived nearby in Laguna Beach for many years.” --Rev. Kathleen Shannon, CHt.

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“I hold my hands palm near palm to build up a healing energy imagining green light shimmering between them. The green healing light comes from the heart chakra. I ask the client what part of her body is giving her trouble and then lay on my Healing Hands. I ask her to give her discomfort a size, shape and color. I ask her if she will allow a healing to take place. I tell her it is important to LOVE her body just as it is, even if it is hurting or unwell. Each physical pain, injury or illness is trying to tell us something. It will always be for a learning experience, without exception. Then while gently holding or massaging the area, depending on the problem, I begin relaxing the subject, taking them down into trance for a deep cellular healing, helping them to visualize or perceive the healing taking place. Also, when deep in trance, I take the client back to the cause, the very first cause of this problem. It is usually not what anyone expects, and that is why I don’t think it is made up. It almost always comes from an original past-life cause. If this is the case, I ask her if she is ready to forgive herself and all those involved. If she is, and she can release her imbedded programming of pain, she has a good chance of a speedy recovery.

“Do you want to be PAIN FREE? Remove pain from your body? I can help you. I promise you that the powerful combination of Trance Touch Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy, and Reconnective Healing can accomplish effective pain relief!”

by Reverend Kathleen Shannon, 2007