Web Cam and Telephone Sessions


This page offers webcam services which brings hypnotherapist Kathleen Shannon to you, anywhere in the world. You can see each other just like an in-person session. Kathleen Shannon can monitor your eye rems and breathing. All it takes is a computer with a webcam and a Chrome or Firefox browser. Please call: (949) 422-4092 or Email: kathleen444@gmail.com for detailed instructions on how to start your session, or go directly to www.HealingClouds.com.

Telephone sessions are another excellent way to experience hypnotherapy in the comfort of your own home. All you need, ideally, is a headset with a wrap-around mouthpiece; but you can also use a speaker phone. This is a new method that is being used by innovative hypnotherapists with great success. This method is proven very safe because you are given a self release suggestion. That means you can come out of trance at any time on your own. Please email or telephone to set up the telephone counseling sessions. Click the Contact Information page at the top to begin. Costs are shown on the last page which is marked “Prices and Locations.” Please see the “Testimonials” page on this website for client comments about phone sessions they experienced and found effective.

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